4 Unique Ideas for Your Next Corporate Teambuilding Session

4 Unique Ideas for Your Next Corporate Teambuilding Session

Team building activities in the workplace have come a long way from boring seminars and the dreaded trust fall. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to bring your employees together into cohesive teams, try one of these ideas to really generate some enthusiasm.

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  1. Head to Sea on a Fishing Trip

Fishing has a way of bringing people together in a non-competitive way. Maybe that’s why all that fresh air, salt water, and working together to bring a big catch on board can really help establish a cooperative environment among a smaller work team. Check out charters that offer exciting options like tuna fishing Barnstable MA to make it a really memorable experience for your crew.

  1. Find Clues in an Escape Room

While it may be reminiscent of previous nightmares, getting locked in a dark room with your coworkers doesn’t have to be a bad experience. In fact, it can serve as an excellent team-building exercise if planned properly. Escape rooms have grown in popularity, and now more and more businesses are choosing to use them to foster teamwork.

  1. Solve a City Scavenger Hunt

If solving clues sounds good, but you prefer it to happen in open spaces, a city scavenger hunt might be the perfect solution. Cities and towns of just about every size have jumped on board with scavenger hunts. They are available from specialized tour companies or, in smaller towns, through the local chamber of commerce.

  1. Master a Challenge Course

Are you looking for something a little more adventurous to challenge your staff? High ropes and challenge courses add a physical component to the act of teambuilding. Thanks to harness systems, you won’t have to rely on the trust fall, but you will still need to work together to get over obstacles and reach the finish.

Teambuilding activities can bring workers together if approached from the right angle. From deep-sea fishing to city scavenger hunts you can find an activity that suits your staff and helps them develop positive relationships.


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