Are You Planning an Office Move? Here’s What You Should Remember

Are You Planning an Office Move? Here’s What You Should Remember

There are various aspects that go into planning a move from one location to another, and planning an office move will definitely be different from planning a residential move. Your office space and premises will have a lot of furniture and equipment that need to be safely packed, transported, and installed, and you may also have to deal with disposing of furniture or office items or equipment you no longer need. The process can be a challenge if you are not sure of what to do and how to organize it. But aside from thinking about logistical aspects such as the available space in your new location and telephone and broadband connections as well as heating systems and power, you may also have to think about storage facilities for equipment or furniture you may not need in your new space, disposal of broken or old office furniture and equipment, and so on. So are you planning an office move? Here’s what you should remember.

  • Give your staff time to prepare in advance

Office relocation can be highly stressful for your staff, especially since they have to figure out different details such as child care, their commute, and so on. It’s always a wise idea to keep them in the loop and keep them updated on what’s going on and what your plans are. You can even go out of your way by providing them with useful resources and information so they can be less stressed with the impending move. Since you may also rely on your staff to pack things and other items, it’s always a good idea to have them view the move from a positive standpoint rather than a negative one.

  • Inform your customers, suppliers, and vendors

Once your relocation is official and the schedule of your move has already been decided, it’s time to inform your customers, suppliers, and vendors. You should do this as soon as your move is confirmed because your customers, suppliers, and vendors will need time to update their databases. If you want to do it efficiently, just include a small footnote at the end of your business emails saying ‘We’re moving…’, and you can also post your moving updates on social media and your website.

  • Decide on what you are taking with you – and what will be thrown away or sold

You will have a lot of office equipment and furniture for sure – perhaps even more than you would like to bring with you. If this is the case and you think you have to replace items or throw away or dispose of some items, then give yourself time in advance to decide on what you are taking with you – and what will be thrown away, given away, or sold. It’s a definite waste of time and resources to move office furniture you no longer need, and if you think you need expert help, you can always turn to a professional office furniture removal company. They can dispose of various office furniture and equipment, and they can also help you with storage when necessary.

You can save yourself a bunch of time and hassle when you ask for professional help, and you can dispose of items that are no longer necessary in the best possible way as well.

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