Waterfront Homes Safety Tips for Children

Waterfront Homes Safety Tips for Children

When you own a waterfront home, you likely spend summers entertaining family and friends. Few things are more relaxing than sitting back in lawn chairs as a group while watching the sun set over the water. However, you should not relax so much that you neglect water-safety measures, especially when children are present. When guests arrive, float the following water-safety guidelines for families to follow.

Be Dock Vigilant

Children love peering into the water, looking for fish and other marine life. Some of the best and most comfortable vantage points are from decks and docks West Palm Beach. Because docks need to be accessible to boats, they extend into deeper water. Two adults should station themselves on the dock specifically to manage groups of children. Additionally, lay down the law: No running on the docks.

Pass Out Life Vests

Still, children will want to play. The safest course-of-action you can take is to insist they wear flotation devices near the water since even vigilant adults can lose track of children darting about. It takes only a second to trip or slip and to fall into the water.

Initiate a Teen Contract

Older children and teens may feel too comfortable around the water. Ask parents to be honest about the swimming skill and experience of their charges and to reach an agreement about what they can and can not do. Remember, peer pressure can come into play. For example, if a strong swimmer chooses to swim to a distant rock floating dock, other teens may feel the social need to follow suit, even if they do not possess the same water skills.

Waterfront gatherings are summer staples, especially in warm-weather climates. If your home sits on an expanse of property with access to a lake, you will certainly delight in hosting these gatherings. By clearly defining rules to keep children safe at these times, you can ensure the party is a safe and happy affair.


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