Which Semi-Trailer Should You Choose for Storage?

Which Semi-Trailer Should You Choose for Storage?

Businesses often need to rely on trailers for temporary or long-term storage of their products. When considering all the options available for your warehouse needs, semi-trailers are an adaptable option for any business that needs additional storage. There are many different types of trailers available for rent, so it is important to consider the various options before making your selection.

Box Trailers

A box-style trailer is exactly what the name implies, a trailer that is enclosed on all six sides, with two rear doors that swing outward. Box trailers are the most common type of semi-trailer storage rentals Renton WA, as they are commonly available and easy to pack with typical rectangular storage boxes.

Conestoga Trailers

A Conestoga, or covered-wagon style trailer, is less common but is a great way to store large pieces of equipment that require a crane to move. A Conestoga trailer has sides and a roof that can be retracted to allow for machinery to easily be placed on the flatbed.

Refrigerator Trailer

A trailer with a climate-controlled interior allows for the safekeeping of easily perishable goods like flowers and food. Use these types of refrigerator trailers with heating and cooling when you need to keep items with a short shelf-life stable.

Curtain-Sided Trailers

Trailers with curtain sides are easily loaded with goods ready for storage, as they have sides that can be lifted during the loading process, so there are no restrictions like there would be for a typical box trailer. Once loading is complete, the sides can easily be pulled down to secure the load and create a weatherproof exterior.

There are a variety of trailers available to meet all sorts of storage needs, from the perishable and commonplace to unique, larger items. Odds are, no matter the item you need to store, there is a trailer out there that will be perfect for your business.


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