How To Manufacture a Steel Beam

Construction has begun on your facility and it has just taken shape on your property. One aspect of this build, much like other projects happening around the world, are the steel beams that support the structure. There is a complex process to manufacture these items so they are strong and versatile for your use. Here are the steps that produce them.

Melt the Metal

The first step to the process is to liquify the steel so that it is purified and able to be molded into the shape that is needed for the application. It is added inside high temperature precast refractory products, such as a ladle, and heated to the point that it is molten. Then, depending on how the manufacturer intends to make the beam, it is spread out into sheets or poured directly into a form. This process can happen repeatedly until the supplier is satisfied with the outcome.

Form the Shape

There are several methods to finish this step. Molten steel is poured out into sheets and cooled. The pieces are then guided through rollers to flatten them to a consistent size. Once this is finished, it is molded into the shape that is needed for the final project. The metal might need to be reheated multiple times so that it is pliable and able to be handled by the manufacturer.

Assemble the Beam

Another option to make the beam is to weld the pieces together to make the final product. They are fit into place and then a welder adheres them together to the specifications dictated by the order they are given. They can also be assembled by using rivets. Holes are drilled into the metal then they are attached to each other with a large fastener. This bolt is reinforced so there is little concern that it will fall apart once it is used in the build.

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