Understanding the Definition of an Intranet 

Understanding the Definition of an Intranet 

Everyone understands that the internet is the world wide web. The purpose for the internet is to look for information via search engine. However, many companies opt for an intranet. An intranet is different from a traditional internet. Before you create intranet website free, it’s important to understand more about what the intranet actually is.

What Is the Intranet Used for?

The intranet is a version of the internet that is isolated from the web. This means that only certain people have access to the website. For example, a business would create their own intranet website, so their employees can interact on a closed type of internet.

Is the Internet and Intranet the Same?

No, the internet is open to the public. This means that anyone can log on and search the web. The intranet is not open to the public. Thus, only a select number of people (those invited to use the system) can search the intranet.
The intranet and internet do have some things in common. For example, they operate over a standard communication system called TCP/IP. TCP/IP is the acronym for transmission control protocol/internet protocol. This connects a host server to users over a particular network. Bot

An intranet has pages just like any other website found on the internet. Also, they both use a programming language. Programming languages such as XML, HTML, Flash and Java are used to build video, audio, web pages with images and text.

The intranet often has an extra layer of security because it can only be accessed using a specific password and other information given to them by the internet’s owner. Thus, an individual who does not have the correct information can’t access a particular intranet site.

The Benefit of Using the Intranet

An Intranet website is pretty cheap to create, implement and run. This makes it a great opportunity for businesses to add another layer of communication. Another benefit is improved communication among workers. Instead of each employee maintaining their own email information, it can be posted on the intranet. In fact, the intranet is often faster than using the internet. Companies also like having their own intranet site to monitor employees. Most intranet sites allow an individual to log onto the internet from the intranet. This means that companies can monitor what their employees view when they are not on the company’s intranet.

Creating an Intranet for a Business or Personal Use

An intranet is one way to enhance a team’s productive and create better internal communication. Whether a person wants to create an intranet for personal purposes or for their company, it’s important to obtain the help of a professional. Hiring a professional to create an intranet will also allow a company to connect multiple intranets together. This is called extranets. It’s a major advantage for businesses that want to connect different teams working on various joint projects. They can share information without being exposed to security breaches while using the internet.

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