5 Reasons for Entrepreneurs to Go to Business School

Going to business school is a big decision that many budding entrepreneurs consider for building their knowledge and talent. Many of them believe it’s the right move to help them launch their business idea because it provides them with a wealth of knowledge and access to resources and advisers necessary for honing their business acumen across the board. If you’re a budding entrepreneur who is considering applying to business school, here are five reasons why that’s a great idea whether you’re attending classes on campus or pursuing Washington State’s online mba program.

1. Entrepreneurship Courses

MBA programs have long been a vital and necessary source for anyone interested in getting into the complex world of business. But in recent years, many programs put have a greater emphasis on teaching wannabe entrepreneurs how to start their own businesses alongside the preparation needed to find a high-paying job at a prestigious company. More entrepreneurship courses have given students the know-how to get their idea off the ground and operate it successfully by navigating all of the dangers and pitfalls that come with branching out on your own in a very competitive marketplace.

2. Try Out New Ideas

A good MBA program is filled with smart, savvy individuals who can help you grow your idea and get it ready for industry. Your fellow students will be invaluable in giving you the advice to make your business concept shine and should you receive negative feedback from your cohorts. That will give you a place to start in redesigning the concept. Failure is a part of being an entrepreneur, but doing so in business school is a lot better than failing in the real world.

3. Forming Relationships

You can’t do this alone, though many young entrepreneurs believe that they can manage all of the daily tasks that go into running your own business. You can develop a network of contacts and form lasting bonds with fellow students that could run for much longer than your time in class together. You may find that some of these classmates are going to be instrumental in helping you realize your dreams of success later down the line.

4. Mentors

Your business school professors can also be a valuable resource for everything from helping you build a solid business plan to opening doors for you with individuals and companies outside of class, all of whom could be strong allies to help foster your entrepreneurial spirit. Many of your professors are very successful business people in their own right and you wouldn’t be able to get their expertise without taking courses at Emerson College.

5. Tuition Costs

A new trend in business schools is to provide financial support to entrepreneurs in the form of student loan forgiveness programs. This is a way to give future small business owners the ability to branch out on their own without having large amounts of debt hanging over their heads. Since entrepreneurs won’t be jumping into a high salary position but embarking on an endeavor that may not see any considerable revenue in the first couple of years, business schools are offering support by reducing or forgiving the student loan debts owed by these graduates.



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