A Look at Living on Temporary Employment

A Look at Living on Temporary Employment

Most people find one career and stick with it, but that’s not the only option for working adults today. Some people choose the flexibility and variability of being a temporary employee. Temps, as they are often called, usually work through a temporary employment agency which matches them up with companies looking for help in a wide variety of areas. As a temp, a person can experience an array of jobs without having to commit the rest of their lives to one position. But whether you’re looking at temp agencies in Boston, Los Angles, or your hometown, it is important to understand how being a temporary employee works.

Getting a Job

Getting a job as a temporary employee is not quite the same as applying to be a full-time employee. Typically, companies find temporary workers through an agency that will suggest candidates with the skills and experience needed to successfully fill the open position. Temporary workers are interviewed, just like for a full-time position, and the company will choose the candidate who best matches its needs. As the interviewee, you are allowed to ask questions as well to make sure the position is a good fit for you and works with your current schedule.

Things to Remember

Temporary jobs are no more than their name. Going into a temporary position and expecting to leverage a full-time career out of it can often to lead to disappointment. If you want to be a temp, you need to be comfortable going in and out of multiple positions and companies and fitting in at the office for the time you are there. The plus side of this, however, is that can be easy to develop valuable experience to add to a resume. It can also give you greater flexibility and control over your work-life balance.

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