CBD As an Emerging Popular and Effective Wellness Trend for Your Canine Friend

CBD As an Emerging Popular and Effective Wellness Trend for Your Canine Friend

Ever since CBD started making its appearance during the late 2018, it seems like CBD is everywhere – your friends are talking about it, you read about it on social media and you are bombarded with news about CBD. CBD products serve as a natural remedy for many conditions including pain, inflammation and anxiety.

CBD manufactures have pushed the horizon and introduced CBD products for pets. There is way too much information regarding CBD making its rounds on the internet which gets us all the more skeptical to try CBD on our pets. We want to make sure it is absolutely safe to use on our pets before administering it.

Is CBD safe for pets?

There are limited studies on CBD’s effects on pets and the results turned positive. Osteoarthritis is one of the common health issues experienced by dogs with aging. CBD was found to help with reducing osteoarthritis-related pain. None of the dogs exhibited side-effects. However more research is needed to confirm that CBD is totally safe on pets.

Veterinarians aren’t allowed to legally prescribe CBD for your pets, but most of them are optimistic about CBD’s effects on dogs. There has been no evidence of pets experiencing side effects. Administering CBD is very easy making it an attractive choice of medication. You can check out the CBD sale on JustCBD store.

They are the leading manufacturers of CBD products featuring a wide range of organically sourced hemp products. Their dog treats are a hit amongst many pet owners. You have a choice between steak bites, lover meatballs, chicken biscuits, bone treats and chicken meatballs. These tasty treats are easy to administer even to the fussiest of pets.

How does CBD work on pets?

In humans, CBD is found to indirectly interact with the cannabinoid reactors in the endocannabinoid system thus delivering many benefits including reducing pain, anxiety and inflammation. Dogs and cats also cannabinoid receptors and CBD interact with these reactors the same way as in humans.

Benefits of CBD for pets:

  • Anxiety: Dogs are prone to separation anxiety and have fear of loud noises. Administering CBD treats would help with keeping both in control in a matter of minutes.
  • Joint pain: Aging dogs experience joint pain often. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties curbs inflammation. You’ll have to administer the recommended dosage every 12 hours for a 4-week period.
  • Antiemetic: CBD controls nausea and vomiting and stimulates appetite in pets.
  • Cancer: About 1 in 3 dogs develop cancer. Studies done on rat shows that CBD may slow down tumor growth and can be used in conjunction with traditional cancer medication.
  • Promotes homeostasis: CBD serves as an effective daily health supplement and promotes overall well-being of your furry friend.

CBD dosage for pets:

2mg – 5mg of CBD per every kg of your dog every 12 hours is ideal. It is suggested to start with low dosage of 2mg per every kg, and then slowly increases the dosage depending on the effects. Some dogs may feel drowsy under higher CBD dosage.

You can improve the overall health of your pet with CBD. Talk to your veterinarian before starting CBD for your pet to make sure it won’t worsen any existing health condition.

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