Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Virtual Business Address

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Virtual Business Address

It is estimated that 52 percent of remote workers would leave a co-located position to work from home or remotely full-time. Small business owners feel the same about their workers, with 57 percent saying they would prefer working with remote workers for the long term. Small business owners have even said that their own staff availability has increased by 19 percent with remote workers.

With a new remote workforce comes the advent of new protocols. One of those protocols is the logistics of a business address, which for some, includes a virtual business address. Learn more about this new way of doing business by getting your frequently asked questions that answered right here.

What is a Business Address?

A business address is any physical location that can receive the mail for your business or workplace. For many remote workers, the home address suffices. But it doesn’t have to be the only address you use.

You can have your work mail delivered to your place of business. Or, you can establish an alternate physical address such as a P.O. Box or virtual business address that will separate your home and business mail.

Why Consider a Virtual Business Address?

Many people consider a virtual business address because it offers more security than having their work mail sent to their home address. It also makes work life and home life a little easier, so that you can maintain a work-life balance by keeping home and work separate even at the mailing level.

A virtual business address scans your mail so that you can view it by email electronically. You can do that at any time of day or night, and then you know when you need to go and pick it up or have it forwarded. Get your mail at the convenience of your schedule, without interrupting your work life, or home life, when it arrives.

How Does a Virtual Address Work?

A virtual address works in the sense that it offers a physical location for you. Your work mail will go there, and you don’t have to pick it up right away. You won’t miss getting mail here either.

When your mail arrives there, it will be scanned and sent to your virtual mailbox. When you check your virtual mailbox, you will know what mail is there for you. From there, your mail gets stored if you wish to pick it up another time. Or, it can even be shredded for you if you don’t want the bulk of that mail coming home.

Create a Virtual Business Address

Setting up a virtual business address is easy. You just need to find a good provider, select a plan, and sign up. You may need identification and business forms to do so, but your provider will let you know. For security and convenience, consider changing to a virtual business address today.

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