How to build more sustainable cities

How to build more sustainable cities

This past year we’ve seen a lot of news everywhere about climate change. Because of the pandemic a lot of people are working from home, worldwide. There haven’t been as many flights as usual which has caused some positive changes to deal with climate change. It’s still a big issue and it’s still very important for everybody to keep working towards a healthier way of life. We are seeing that a lot of new sustainable plans are being used in big cities. Different ways to build a more sustainable city. Let’s see how we can all together work towards a more sustainable city.

Waste in big cities

Every big city has a big problem that has to do with waste. There are a lot of people living in cities, there are still not enough containers to dump the waste and somehow it still ends up on the streets. Luckily, we are seeing that more and more big cities are coming up with sustainable solutions for this. Think about a sustainable waste container, such as Mr. Fill, that sends a message to the commune whenever the container is full. It’s an easy and good way to keep the streets clean.

Bring nature back in cities

We are to distanced from nature. We’ve cut a lot of trees to build a lot of homes and other buildings. We are seeing a nice change within cities. Communes are trying to build building different ways to keep more space for nature. It’s becoming harder for cars to enter a city, which is a good thing. Less parking lots, less CO2 emissions and more room for nature. Also, a way to bring nature back in cities is to place nature around and on buildings.

What can you do?

A lot of people think that it’s impossible to help solve the climate change problems. They think that their small changes won’t mean a thing, which is not true at all! You can make a big change. Not only for our planet but also for your surroundings. People will automatically follow easy adjustments you make. Try using less plastic by bringing your own cup, your own shopping bag, your own straw, etcetera. With sustainability becoming more and more important for most companies, it’s easier for us to adjust. We see more alternatives that are better for our planet and our health. This makes it easier for everybody!

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