Is It Crazy to Buy Gold Coins for Investments?

Is It Crazy to Buy Gold Coins for Investments?

Buying gold coins does not have to be just a hobby. You can buy gold coins for investment too. If you prefer to be in possession of physical coins, gold coins are a good idea. It offers more security and the confidence that it won’t disappear since it is in your hands. Always buy your gold coins from companies that provide you with storage and store credit such as Indigo Precious Metals. There should be no third parties between the origination and creation of the gold coins and the customers as that only makes the coins more expensive. Find out in advance the types of currency they accept.


Why Buying Gold Coins for Investment is a Good Idea

  • Tangible Assets

You can see and touch your gold coins which is more than you can do with most investments. They do not need you take care of them like other investments such as pieces of land or machines which may need cleaning up or maintenance. Weather elements, time, or fires cannot damage your gold coins. They do not require you to sign any contracts. Your gold coins are your own liability so there is no need for support from banking institutions or the government

  • Liquidity

Gold coins are very liquid. You can sell them anywhere in the world, for any currency. Gold is always on demand, and there are dealers in all parts of the world. High liquidity makes gold coins a better investment than most other collectibles which only attract a small market. It is easy to sell gold, and it earns high commissions.

  • It Takes Up Little Space

It is possible to hold 37,000 Pounds worth of gold coins in your palms because a small amount of it is valuable. That makes it convenient to store at home or in safe deposit boxes. You can carry your gold coins with you when you travel. Most other investments are not portable.

  • Timeless Value

Gold will always be valuable. Even though the prices may fluctuate depending on the state of the market, you can be sure that gold will retain its purchasing power even over many years. The state currency, on the other hand, loses its purchasing power over time. Gold can be an excellent investment to pass down to your family because of its store of value. They can pass it down to their children as well because gold is durable.


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