Public Event Calendar in Salesforce

Public Event Calendar in Salesforce

The correct distribution of your time starts with filling out the calendar, but this is not enough when it comes to planning big events. A timely reminder of an upcoming event will ensure that all attendees are aware of it.

In order to save your and other people’s time, ordinary calendars are definitely not enough. For this reason, it is worth using modern tools for planning business meetings and events. Creating a Salesforce event listing with Advanced Communities is the first step towards the correct preparation for an event.

Problems with regular event listing

Planning events yourself on behalf of companies takes a lot of effort and energy. The organizer needs to get consent from each invited guest or partner and keep them updated on the latest news. Sometimes it is not possible to keep track of everything on your own, however, hiring more employees will not solve the problem.

It is also worth remembering that each event is unique. For a business meeting, you will need to notify partners (clients), free up your schedule and consult with other participants about their free time. When it comes to mass events, the preparation takes a much longer period.

Modern applications will help you solve most event planning problems. The Salesforce event calendar will allow you to organize the work of all departments and keep partners updated on all changes. To do this, you just need to set up general access to the scheduled event and take into account the opinions of its participants.

For this purpose, it is worth using the event management tool. It provides a wide range of functions that will simplify the preparation of upcoming meetings and conferences. It is possible to get the desired result without putting too much burden on the company’s personnel.

Advantages of using special tools

The Salesforce event app is worth using at least because this platform simplifies the life of employees and everyone involved in planning events. Event management is conducted in a single system, which makes it easier to find the necessary information.

Also, the list of advantages should include other previously unavailable plugins and tools:

  1. Setting up the calendars of representatives. Scheduled working meetings will be available to all participants. The representatives get access to creating new calendar tasks and changing features.
  2. Customizing event’s display. All participants can learn from past experiences of similar events and make adjustments as needed. This option is necessary so that all participants can plan their day based on the data received.
  3. Customize your calendar view. This option is used to make the calendar public or to restrict access to certain categories (for example, previous participants).

The new integrated event management software is easy to use as the platform offers a first introductory lesson. So, inexperienced users can get the necessary information and speed up the use of all tools. Experience the cloud features to simplify the scheduling of meetings with partners and clients.

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