Signs That Your Car’s Suspension Has Let You Down

Signs That Your Car’s Suspension Has Let You Down

Automotive suspension systems work hard to keep things on the level while smoothing the bumps in the road for people and their stuff inside. Eventually, suspensions wear out, sometimes after tens of thousands of miles or maybe sooner if they have to work harder.

Unless a suspension part fails from an especially jarring pothole or the vehicle is in an accident, the slow decline of suspension parts may go unnoticed for months until the driver hears an unusual noise, tires show premature wear or there is an unexpected response while driving. Before the symptoms make driving more difficult, expensive or even unsafe, automotive professionals recommend the vehicle be inspected and repaired by specialists such as suspension work Lakewood CO.

Some telltale signs of a suspension system that may need work include;

  • Pulling to one side while driving. A car that constantly pulls to the right or left could be a sign there are issues with the tires, such as improper inflation or a wheel out of alignment. It could also indicate a part of the suspension system is worn or broken.
  • Rough ride. Higher mileage vehicles that transfer every bump to the passengers could be a sign that the shocks or struts are worn and need replacing. While the car is parked, use your weight to press down on one end or the other and release. If it bounces two or three times, it is a good sign the shocks or struts are worn.
  • One side lower than the other. Springs at each corner are designed to keep the car from sagging. When one breaks, the car will lean toward the corner with the broken spring.
  • Diving or leaning. If the car leans backward when starting from a light, tilts forward when stopping or to the side when cornering, it could be a sign the shocks or struts are worn.

Worn or broken suspension components can make driving unsafe and should be inspected as soon as possible.

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