The Advantages of a Call center for After Hours Services

The Advantages of a Call center for After Hours Services

If you own a business whose primary goal is customers’ satisfaction, the golden rule is to be constantly available for your clients. In order to survive in today’s world of cut-throat competition, your business has to work round the clock. Even if your work time finishes at 5 pm, your customers are supposed to reach you at any time.

How can you achieve this?

By setting up an after-hours call center, which enables clients to contact the operators regarding all types of requests or inquiries, at any time of day or night. These call centers are especially beneficial for businesses whose work revolves around selling products or services.

Nowadays, you even have the opportunity to hire an outsourcing call center which you can easily find online.  There’re numerous websites, such as Explosion’s website, which offer the after-hours services of their customer support units, all over the world.

Let’s see the advantages of having a 24/7 customer support.

Boosting clients’ loyalty and confidence

A lot of people are sceptic when they want to purchase something online and they are not to blame. The internet as a shopping place is full of scams, making it hard to find reliable sellers. Therefore, having an after-hours call service, can help people gain some confidence and become your buyers.

When they see some product they like on your website, most of them would prefer to call an operator and ask everything they have in mind, than to write an e-mail or communicate with a chatbot.

Somehow, talking to a real person is more persuasive and trustworthy than talking to a voicemail. They can ask your operators about some product details, potential complaints or delays with the delivery etc. And most importantly, they can do it at any time they want, even in the middle of the night. Being constantly available for addressing their inquiries and problems increases clients’ loyalty.

Knowing more about your customers

Call centers are great for gathering useful information on your clients by monitoring all calls. They can help you determine where all of your buyers come from and what preferences they have. Based on their questions, requests and complaints you can adjust your product range and services.

If you notice that most of them are interested in a particular product, you can increase production or produce it in various kinds. On the other hand, if you receive frequent complaints about another product or service, you should consider making some changes or excluding it from your range.

In some cases, clients ask for goods or services which are not part of your offer. You should pay attention to their requests and use them for new ideas. Click here to read more about the importance of communicating with your customers.

Building a professional image

Call centers make clients feel unique and respected. Operators know how to make them feel this way. They’ve been to many trainings where they learned how to properly greet them, address their complaints, answer all their questions in a polite manner etc. They know their way out of any type of complicated situation, as dealing with difficult clients unfortunately happens on a daily basis.

Operators show deep interest in buyers’ requests and problems by listening to them carefully and providing an appropriate suggestion or solution. On the other hand, employees who are in charge of customer service in shops, don’t have enough time to address all clients. While they are talking to one of them, the others are waiting for their turn and waiting causes immediate discomfort and dissatisfaction.

Being available on a worldwide level

Some businesses operate across states, countries and even different continents, so they need a customer support service which would function 24/7 due to various time-zones. In this case, if there is some problem which needs to be resolved immediately, you won’t wait until the next day, but react immediately.

Saving money

If you are looking to save some money, then after-hours call centers are just the right thing for you. They usually charge per hour of service, so the cost would depend on the volume of work.

On the contrary, when you hire employees to answer the phone, you need to give them a fixed salary regardless of the number of calls. Also, the company which you hire to do the job for you, covers all the costs of training the operators.

Go to the following link:, to see the ways in which this is cost-effective for your business.


Customer support is an integral part of every business, especially one which involves sales. It’s the only way to keep up with the competition and keep your clients happy and satisfied.

It makes you look professional, reputable, and available while saving your budget!

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