Today’s Website Design is a Bit More Complicated

Today’s Website Design is a Bit More Complicated

Ever considered writing a webpage today for a business? It’s a bit more complicated now than it used to be when HTML first came out and started being used. Now you have to consider an array of factors for a site that simply didn’t exist some ten years ago.

For example, good sites allow for flexibility and scalable growth. That only happens by quickly marrying up HTML basic page code with CSS elements and attributes for broad-scale formats, colors, appearance and changes uniform across all pages. Additionally, a site should be responsible to mobile users as two-thirds of digital searches are now done on a phone or similar. That means additional work to make a site dynamic so it adjusts to the device the reader is using.

Let’s not forget accessibility either. Professional websites also need to be tailored to address different needs from hearing to sight to other limitations, allowing for the broadest reach of communication versus just the average person. And finally, you may want your website design in Atlanta to be e-commerce ready, to actually transact and handle financial payments as your business grows its online capability. Tools like artificial intelligence and bots may seem appealing for high traffic as well.

None of the above happens with old-school HTML coding, and that doesn’t even include the back-end side of things for system support. It takes significant planning, good thought for what’s needed now and going forward, and expert design building skills to put together quickly. Firms like Zgraph can cut your ramp-up time in half while your business gets up to speed with an online presence. And using expert help just makes good sense, especially in avoiding costly rookie mistakes when making a first impression.

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