What Happens When You Receive a CDL Traffic Ticket

What Happens When You Receive a CDL Traffic Ticket

For the everyday driver with a basic driver’s license, getting a traffic ticket is typically little more than a nuisance. Most people simply pay their fines and carry on with little disruption to their lives. However, for those with a commercial driver’s license, a traffic ticket can not only be an expense, but also can put their entire livelihood at risk. Understanding the repercussions when you get a CDL traffic ticket may help you to take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Traffic Ticket Fines

In most cases, the fines for CDL traffic tickets are the same as for a standard driver. However, if you are driving on a limited access roadway, you may have to pay a higher amount than those who are in a basic vehicle. Drivers are responsible to pay their own fines for any moving violations and similar traffic tickets, so that expense will not be absorbed by your company in most cases. Fighting the ticket in court may result in a reduction of fines or the dismissal of the ticket, which can potentially save you a lot of money.

CDL Revocations and Disqualifications

Those who have had repeated tickets or serious violations may face revocation or disqualification of their CDL license. Drivers with commercial licenses are held to a very high standard of safety on and off the job in most states. Repeated tickets or those who have major infractions could find themselves with a suspension of their driving privileges or worse. Even if the restriction is placed on their standard license, this can carry over to affect their CDL, as well.

While traffic tickets are something that almost every driver has to deal with from time to time, CDL drivers must be more aware of what is at stake if they have a moving violation. When you understand the costs and other effects of a traffic violation, you know to work harder to fight to keep your driving record clean.


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