Popular Real Estate Investing Podcast by Joe Fairless Names Top 12 Episodes of 2021

Popular Real Estate Investing Podcast by Joe Fairless Names Top 12 Episodes of 2021

Top episodes of Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice show for 2021 posted for interested investors.

Investors listening to podcasts for real estate news are likely familiar with the Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice Podcast. The popular show recently announced the top 12 episodes of 2021. Experienced real estate investor Joe Fairless is co-host of the fluff-free podcast that shoots straight to the heart of the industry truths. As the longest-running daily real estate investing podcast in the world, Best Ever Real Estate Investing Podcast has many episodes to choose from for helpful advice and expert perspectives.

Advice from the top 12 episodes includes:

  • Strategies for improving passive income
  • Finding the right advice for growth
  • Becoming a leader in the industry
  • The benefits of cash flow and equity gains
  • Trends in the multifamily market
  • Acting on prime investment opportunities
  • Self-financing real estate properties
  • Building up a reliable team and partnership
  • Setting long-term goals for financial freedom
  • Managing local properties for high cash-on-cash returns
  • Choosing the right investment markets
  • Building passive income for early retirement

The podcast has created more than 1,300 episodes. “I have turned my program into one of the most informative real estate podcasts available today,” he says. “I have done so by conducting interviews with successful colleagues, providing updates on relevant news and trends, and offering a window into my thought process as an investor. And each time I record an episode, I think about the listener’s priorities. I don’t want people to trudge through unhelpful promotions, long commercial breaks, or unnecessary tangents. That is why I make sure each episode is around 20 to 30 minutes long and stays on topic from start to finish. No fluff.”

All podcast episodes are given by professionals providing opinions and first-hand experiences. They are considered for informational purposes only, and all investors should do their own research before making any financial moves.

Joe Fairless says his podcast is a valuable tool for professionals who want to learn from some of the best in the game. “I bring on experts from all over the real estate investment industry,” he says. “These professionals are experienced in a wide variety of methods for building and sustaining business. I want to build up a library of invaluable advice from as many successful perspectives as possible. Offering a daily podcast is a huge commitment, but we are here for it.”

Podcasting was the tool of choice because of the impact they’ve had in the last decade, says Joe Fairless. Vocal-based shows are easy to listen to while on a commute, working out, performing household chores or other tasks. Many professionals use podcasts to stay up to date on information and increase their motivation. Joe Fairless says podcasting is a largely untapped medium that has proven to be an invaluable tool for many of his listeners.

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