Facts About a Retail Security Solution That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

Facts About a Retail Security Solution That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

When you consider the latest in security technology, you’re likely to see video footage of a store accident. Not only will the video footage help authorities identify the culprit and address the situation, it will also provide you with practical information on how to best prevent such incidents from happening again. A good retail security solution and anti-theft system  will also have cameras placed in strategic areas, such as in the front and back of a store. The best solutions record for a sufficient amount of time. Eventually, it will have readily accessible recordings dail .

Face recognition technology

When you first hear about face recognition technology, you may be skeptical. But this technology is definitely here to stay, and people with skin in the game are already finding ways to use it. Google’s X lab announced a breakthrough in 2012: artificial intelligence models learned to recognize cats. They studied thousands of YouTube thumbnails and trained their AI models to accurately identify different faces. As a result, they’ve become remarkably accurate.

Other companies have been using facial recognition technology to identify customers and improve customer service. Wal-Mart, for example, says that it is deploying its system at hundreds of locations and has nearly 30,000 templates enrolled. The company also cited McDonald’s as an example. ABI Research principal analyst Lian Jye Su outlined the real-world use cases of face recognition in retail.

Access control technology

If you’re a retailer, then the need for access control technology for retail security solutions is more important than ever. With today’s rapidly changing customer preferences and marketing demand, scalability is the key to gaining a competitive advantage. And when it comes to scalability, open IP-based access control is a great choice. This makes it possible to scale up and down as needed, while remaining future-proof. With an open IP-based solution, you can add new network intercoms, devices, or functionalities to your access control system with ease.

Modern IT environments have moved away from a single, static security fence. They’re more likely to be hybrid or cloud-based. With the complexity of these environments, traditional access control strategies are not as effective. Instead, organizations must look beyond the physical perimeter to incorporate multiple forms of identification and authentication. This requires a dynamic access control technology. But the benefits of this technology are huge.

Display locks

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a display lock to secure your store’s shelves, you’ve come to the right place. Display locks prevent sweep thieves from taking your merchandise. These products are attached to display hooks so that only a magnetic tool can open them. Lockable acrylic and glass displays are another option. They protect your products from theft and ensure that no one can remove them without a key.

Video analytics software

There are many off-the-shelf solutions for video analytics. These can be used for both classic security systems and complex scenarios. While using standard solutions might be suitable for some, they require adaptation and parameterization, limiting their customization to a certain extent. With this in mind, it is important to make a decision based on your unique needs. To start, consider this checklist of things to look for in a retail video analytics solution.

When choosing a retail video analytics solution, consider how the software will be used. Some applications use single cameras while others use video from multiple chain stores. Video analytics can even be applied to individual stores. For instance, retail security software can use video from cameras installed at each location to determine which items are popular and which are out-of-stock. Another use for retail video analytics is to monitor sales of high-value merchandise. While this can boost sales, it also makes them an easy target for shoplifters.

Retail security guards

A retail security guard can perform a variety of roles, such as monitoring access to the building and identifying suspicious activity. They can also help with enhancing customer service. Their presence can also protect the reputation of a business and the safety of customers. Let’s pay more attention to  what retail security guards can do for your business. You’ll instantly be in a good mood after noticing a security guard patrolling the store.

Having a retail security guard on site is a smart choice if you want peace of mind and de-escalate potential situations. The security industry has evolved over the years, with teams getting more advanced and sophisticated. One of the simplest deterrents is visual security. Additionally, there are various retail security systems available to keep track of employees and merchandise. If you have any questions regarding retail security, be sure to consult with your retail security guards today.

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