Tax saving mutual funds for the smart investor. Find out here.

Tax saving mutual funds for the smart investor. Find out here.

Are you looking for ways to save taxes? Then you are on right track, saving a penny on taxes is smart. You might have heard the principle a penny saved is a penny earned is quite apt for investing in the right product. Being a smart investor, you need think different to beat around the bush with saving in Mutual funds. Many Taxpayers are searching for ways to save themselves from the income tax u/s 80C.  Well, a mutual fund is an attractive way to invest for greater benefits.

Maintain a holistic approach towards tax management as it enhances your returns after considering the overall portfolio.

Nobody thinks about tax planning as an investment strategy as some don’t check this method of approach and others find this method just as a tax break. However, it is a conventional investment as it helps them to reach their financial goals.

It is wise to consider this tax saving method at regular intervals of time rather than as a ritual at the end of the year.

Even though some National Savings Certificate or PPF offer tax saving under Section 80c but it is different from mutual funds taxing savings as they both have a different structure.

Many people invest in Senior citizen schemes or 5-year deposits or Public Provident Fund in the process of saving investment. But tend to under look the equity linked savings scheme. However, ELSS have only three years of low lock period while others have minimum fifteen years.Consider all these tips and choose the best equity fund that has a consistent percentage and gives high returns.

ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme) is a scheme acts as a tax saving funds as it provides an exemption of u/s 80C. Not only saving it enables you to earn another penny from the tax which means you will get higher returns. The reason behind this is, under section 80C investments up to Rs.1.5 lakh in ELSS bring tax deduction.

Investments done under the monthly SIP benefits to save money every month rather than a large sum at the end of the year.

To earn income and save tax, consider some of the ELSS as investment options. For example, consider a Reliance Tax Saver Fund. Reliance Tax Saver Fund is launched in the year 2005 with a minimum investment of Rs.500. The main aim is to obtain long-term capital from equity and


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