Web design tools that are the best

Web design tools that are the best


Web developers are constantly coming up with new tools to aid the design process, and here is our round-up of some of the best:


Create a style and branding guide with Frontify and distribute it to your design team to ensure that everyone follows the same style throughout the site. According to Creative Bloq, a lack of consistency can quickly alienate website visitors; therefore, it is vital to get it right.

Browser Calories

This is a toolbar that calculates how quickly your page loads compared with similar pages online, enabling you to tailor your content accordingly. If your page is too content heavy, it will load too slowly. This program is ideal for making sure your content and page loading times are at optimum levels.


Helpful for web designers who need to collaborate with developers, Avocode exports images from Photoshop and Sketch without eliminating layers. This is a good start platform for your page to create an image but really a Branding Agency Gloucestershire company could be involved to clarify things for you and help create what you need.

Sketch Focus

This handy tool helps to boost productivity by organising task management issues. Simply create a list of tasks and Sketch Focus will send you a push notification as each task comes up, keeping you on task and hopefully on budget.


Created for any web developer who works remotely, Mural allows you to chat in real time, create virtual sticky notes, and provides you with a flexible canvas that allows you to collaborate with other developers and designers wherever you happen to be.

Affinity Photo

Industry insiders believe that Affinity Photo has the edge on Photoshop, which has dominated the market for years. Unlike Photoshop, Affinity Photo provides a zoom facility that far surpasses that of its rival, providing an impressive one million per cent. Users report that it works seamlessly and is faster than Photoshop.

Unless you happen to have extensive training in web design techniques, these programs and tools probably won’t have much relevance for you and it will be far better to leave your web design and development to the experts.

What these tools do mean for you, however, is that you can expect your website to be better than that of your competitors, faster to load, and with superior features. By speeding up the design process, you should also find that your website costs less than ever before to create and maintain, making it a win-win situation.

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